J. Lalah Simcoe
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Lalah Simcoe  

About Lalah:
J. Lalah Simcoe was born Judith Fine in Los Angeles and composed her first song, a march, at age 9. A future recording will reveal:

   Just how little Judy - from Studio City - Became Lalah from La La Land.

Lalah played acoustic guitar and sang traditional folk songs in the L.A. area in the 60s and became a member of the 5-woman New York-based group The Womenfolk. She later returned to California, continuing to write songs and performing occasionally while raising two children and pursuing interests in natural foods, alternative education, eastern and western spirituality and human nature. In 1985 Lalah's family moved to Charlottesville VA, where she and her husband Jim Simcoe are retired after 12 years' proprietorship of the Bluegrass Grill & Bakery, now owned and operated by server turned manager turned partner turned owner Chrissy Benninger.

Lalah's daughter Joia is also an accomplished singer-songwriter.  Her CD, Joia Wood Live from the Gravity Lounge, contains a bit of backup by her mother.  Joia and her husband, professor and artist Eric Caldwell, live by the grounds of Sweet Briar College, where Eric teaches, Joia runs her own bookkeeping company, and Lalah and Jim's granddaughter Mabel reigns.  You can see Joia, with Lalah and Leni from The Womenfolk and Leni's granddaughter Zoe, at youtube.com/greenagainthewomenfolk

Son, the male offspring of the Simcoes, is handsome beyond belief and a highly skilled professional. Known for his discovery that things tend to be more the way they are at the present time than they were previously, he lives at his residence and is employed at his place of business.

Lalah has practiced yoga meditation since she was in her 20s.  She has designed and gives readings with her original card deck, The Paradigm Cards.  In 1996 she was certified as a counselor by the American Association of Professional Psychics.  She has no idea, however, where you hid the rest of the money, and would never go to a place that looks like that regardless.

About the CD Lightspeed, Lalah says:
Click here to read Lalah's comments on Lightspeed: the Story-Songs of J. Lalah Simcoe


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